Wedding photo booth hire pricing – What to expect?

Renting a photo booth for your wedding reception has become incredibly popular. But with so many options, what should you expect to budget for your wedding photo booth? Photo booth pricing depends on several factors.

Average rental costs 

The average hourly rental rate for a photo booth ranges from $200 to $500 per hour, depending on features. Basic booths on the lower end include a backdrop, camera, props, and prints. Higher-end booths offer extras like faster printing, video capability, and lighting effects to boost the hourly rate. What’s included? Most standard packages will include:

  • Backdrop (basic colors or printed)
  • DSLR camera 
  • Attendant(s)
  • Unlimited digital photo prints 
  • Fun props
  • Digital copies of all photos
  • Photo booth album 

Extras include custom backdrops, green screens, CGI effects, videos, GIFs, and scrapbooking. Know what a potential company’s packages include.

Peak vs. Non-peak hours

Primetime hours on weekends are usually in the highest demand and will cost more per hour. If you only need the booth for a portion of your event, you save money by booking non-peak hours earlier or later in the reception when fewer guests will use it. For maximum guest use, you’ll want your photo booth available during peak dancing hours when people are most active. Prime time hours usually cost more per hour. Saving money by booking off-peak slots earlier or later. Scheduling key events requires consideration.

Best timing

Consider timing your photo booth rental for:

  • After dinner when guests start dancing
  • A few hours during the reception
  • During late-night festivities 

Avoid booking during weddings ceremonies, formal photos, dinners, and speeches when it won’t get much use.

Add-ons and extra charges 

Initial hourly rates seem straightforward, but overtime, travel, and customization add up. Potential surcharges are:

  • Extra hours beyond package time
  • Premium weekend/holiday rates
  • Extended guest list over contracted amount
  • Rapid printing abilities
  • Additional photo booth attendants
  • Personalized graphic designs
  • Travel fees for far locations

Taxes, fees, and gratuities

Photo booth rental fees include sales tax, service fees, contract admin fees, and gratuities. These extras increase your total cost significantly. Breakdown of extras include:

  • Sales tax 
  • 10-20% gratuity/tip for attendant(s)  
  • 5-10% admin or contract fee
  • 3-5% fee for credit card payments

Always confirm what additional percentages get added to your total bill.

Getting the best value 

Your wedding photo booth hire can be made smarter by comparing hourly rates, understanding what’s included, and budgeting for extras. Discuss pricing details upfront so there are no hidden surprises. With savvy planning, you get the booth experience you deserve! Go here for more info:

Book your photo booth early to avoid last-minute rush charges. You should ask for detailed quotes upfront so you know all the costs. Your total photo booth rental cost varies widely depending on hours, features, and add-ons. But an informed planner finds the perfect fit for their wedding budget and guest experience!