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The WeddingZilla Podcast is a weekly podcast for couples, planners, and anyone planning a wedding or event who needs help, advice, or fresh ideas. We feature real wedding pros—who we call WeddingZillas—and discuss a wide variety of topics related to weddings or events with experts from all over the country.

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Wedding First Dance Songs

In this Episode Matt and Wyatt talk about selecting your Wedding First Dance Song. Wyatt gives several suggestions which you can find in the show notes at Matt talks about how couples should pick a song that represents them and not necessarily pick from a list. You also can find many additional songs choices at


Matt Johnson

Matt is originally from New Jersey. His background is in theatre and television. He performed extensively in Broadway Tours for many years. His DJ career started under Mike Walter with Elite Entertainment before moving to the Washington, DC area. Matt is now a booking agent and Wedding DJ for Black Tie Entertainment in Northern Virginia.

Wyatt Hill

Wyatt Hill is an accomplished Wedding and Event DJ/MC with coast-to-coast experience from Washington, D.C. to California. He brings his diverse experience to every event he does, and has the expertise to give you the event of your dreams!


Wedding First Dance Songs

In this Episode Matt and Wyatt talk about selecting your Wedding First Dance Song. Wyatt gives several suggestions which you can find in the show notes at Matt talks about how couples should pick a song that represents them and not necessarily pick from a list. You also can find many additional songs choices at

Music Programing for Your Wedding

Matt and Wyatt discuss music programing and selecting music. Wyatt talks a little about DJ's that have the Vibo Planing app. The difference the couple makes by being on the dance floor. Wyatt gets into defining DJ Entertainment. Matt talks about reading the room. Your DJ making music edits and working on your wedding before they even show up!

Finding That Perfect Venue with Shannon Tarrant Episode 28

Still looking for that perfect wedding venue? You will not want to miss this podcast as Shannon Tarrant from gives tips and advice about selecting your wedding venue. We also discuss why reading the fine print is important and we share so crazy stores that you just can't make up! Listen now!

Photo Booth for Your Wedding with LA Photo Party Episode 27

In this episode we talk to Chad and Lisa from LA Photo Party on different things your photo booth can do besides just taking pictures. You can do animated Gif, Green Screen, Testimonial booth, add different filters including Snap chat style filters. You don't have to settle with just basic prints. Take things a step further and make the experience different. Photo Booths are not created equal as you will hear about during the podcast and if you are in the market for a photo booth you should ask more questions and see what's available. 

Insurance for your Wedding wth Christian Bair from Episode 26

Have questions about insurance for your wedding? Not sure where to find it? Listen to this podcast and hear from Christian Bair from R.V. Nuccio and Associates as he answers our questions on why couples should have wedding insurance. He gives great tips and and he explains that this will be probably the easiest thing to do planning your wedding. You can go to and have insurance typically within 5 minutes. Take a listen and hear how easy it is to get insurance and affordable insurance.

Momentum and Energy at your Wedding Reception Episode 25

Special Guest Kristin Wilson from is back to talk about Momentum and Energy at your Wedding Reception. Kristin discusses setting Wedding Reception Goals. Making sure you are communicating that with your vendor team. What are your goals for the wedding reception. Yes, we know it's to have a great time but, let's be clear details matter! Lot's of great tips you won't want to miss.

Defining what Cheesy is When Selecting Your DJ Episode 24

Matt and Wyatt discuss what cheesy means. Cheesy means something different to everyone. What you also think is cheesy may not be cheesy at all. When it's your wedding or event you define that. Matt and Wyatt also discuss just because you see something at a wedding or a example of a wedding from a DJ that doesn't mean they will do that for you. If you hate line dances and think they are "Cheesy" just because that DJ played them at a past event doesn't mean they will do that for you. Communication is key in developing those wedding goals including defining what is "Cheesy".

Free Online Source to Help You Select Your Wedding Songs Episode 23

In this Episode Matt and Wyatt interview Matthew Campbell founder of "My Wedding" Matthew discusses how this is a free website for wedding couples. Mathew discusses how he got started along with what music is really hot right now. Take a listen and don't forget to Visit:

What Women Bring to the Turntable with Kristin Wilson Episode 22

In this Episode Matt and Wyatt talk to Kristin Wilson owner of Our DJ Rocks based in Orlando, Florida. Kristin owns a DJ, Photo Booth and Lighting company with a all female staff. Kristin gets into how she started and what females bring to the turntables. If you are looking for a DJ and always though of a DJ just being a guy you may want to reconsider having a female DJ for your Wedding or Event.

Wedding Traditions Explained Episode 21

In this episode Wyatt and Matt start off by talking about a recent snafu at a trade convention for DJ's and how it's relevant to planning your wedding. Matt and Wyatt then get into popular wedding traditions and break down what they are. Biggest take away from this podcast is there maybe tradition but, it's your wedding day. Break all the rules. Break some of the rules it's whatever you like!

Tips for working with your Wedding Officiant with Mike Walter Episode 20

DJ Mike Walter from Elite Entertainment out of New Jersey. Mike has owed Elite Entertainment since 1993 and is know as an Icon in the Mobile DJ industry. He has wrote several books including his new release titled "On This Date In Music" In this episode Mike talks about being a Wedding Officiant. He offers up great tips to wedding couples. Mike even talks about transitioning from Wedding Officiant to Wedding DJ/MC. This is a episode you will not want to miss! . . . 

What Not To Do with Wedding Lighting with Michael Greenberg Episode 19

Michael Greenberg is back to talk about "What Not To Do" with lighting at your wedding. Michael talks about correct positioning of monograms and believe it or not the dance floor is not the best place. Correctly uplighting your wedding venue and not all uplighting is created equal. Hear the differences and yes we get a little techy but, some great take aways as there is a significant difference.

Music For Your Wedding Reception Episode 18

Wyatt and Matt get into specifics on picking out music for your wedding reception. Thinking about placement. How many songs to give your DJ. The importance about having an discussion with your DJ about music. This is always a great question from wedding couples. Take a listen today!

Destination Weddings with Brian Buonassissi Episode 17

Destination Weddings with Brian Buonassissi. Brian from who does luxury weddings all over the world discusses planning destination weddings. Brian has suggestions on hiring a destination wedding planner and tips to make it a huge success!

  • episode 15 Tips for selecting a wedding photographer

Tips for selecting a Wedding Photographer with Jennifer Jasso Episode 15

In this episode we have special guest Jennifer Jasso Wedding Photographer from who gives tips on selecting a Wedding Photographer. Tips such as: Why have two shooters. Differences in style. How much time to book your photographer for. Expected time for delivery of Photos. How much to budget for your photographer and much more.

  • tips for working with a rental company with Nicole Peters from Ventura Rentals

Tips for working with a Rental Company with Nicole Peters from Ventura Rental Episode 14

In this Episode we have special guest Nicole Peters Sales Director from Ventura Rental Party & Events. Nicole shares tips with working with your rental company such as: When to book your rental company. What sells out first. What to budget for a rental company. Tips on selecting a rental company. Having a backup plan for those outdoor events. Popular trends in weddings right now and more. Matt and Wyatt agree this episode is packed with great tips!

  • episode 13 tips for an outdoor wedding

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding Episode 13

Episode 13 Matt and Wyatt get into Tips for an Outdoor Wedding. Matt and Wyatt share some experiences with outdoor weddings. Wyatt shares some of his tips from his companies blog. Outdoor wedding tips from rain plans to having a hydration center is critical for a successful outdoor event. You never know what mother nature has in store for your special day and being prepared makes life easier. Wyatt also makes some great recommendations besides having cake as well as footwear attire for the ladies.

  • South Asian Weddings with Dave Grimm

South Asian Weddings with David Grimm Episode 12

DJ Dave Grimm owner of Signature Talent in Northern Virginia started who is not only a DJ, but started out playing instruments and specializing in being a percussionist. Grimm because of his experience is a popular wedding DJ for South Asian weddings in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. market. Not only does he DJ, but he also plans the drums at Indian Weddings. Dave Grimm gets into the differences of drums and traditions of South Asian weddings or Indian weddings. 


Why You Should Have a Wedding First Look with Courtney Episode 11

Courtney Haynes from explains what a "Wedding First Look" is and why you should have it. Wedding First looks are great for pictures, video and taking that edge off that stress of seeing each other. Does it take away the first time you see each other at the ceremony? Courtney explains and shares her experience with the exact thing. Matt and Wyatt comment on the Wedding First look and share their experiences as well.

  • Hiring Wedding Vendors to Create an Experience with Romin Zandi

Hiring Wedding Vendors to Create a Experience with Romin Zandi Episode 10

Special Guest Romin Zandi from Zandi Entertainment located in Northern Virginia & the Washington D.C market. Romin and Wyatt discuss hiring wedding vendors to create a wedding experience instead of just hiring for a job. Wyatt and Romin get into the difference between service and experience and how to create that for wedding couples.

  • Mechanics of a Wedding Ceremony Episode 9

Mechanics of a Wedding Ceremony Episode 9

Episode 9: Matt and Wyatt break down wedding ceremony from talking about music to putting microphone on your Wedding Officiant. Why you still need your DJ for ceremony even if you have live music. Matt and Wyatt break down wedding ceremony from talking about music to putting microphone on your Wedding Officiant. Tips for the couple for during the ceremony. Wyatt shares an experience with adding an additional microphone to the Groom. Wyatt poses a question to wedding couples if he should add..... (Have to listen to find out).

Wedding Invitations, Design, How much you should spend, and Disney could use some tips on Entertaining. Episode 8

Episode 8 featuring Lorenzo from Screaming Lunatic Design Agency and Sofie Plus Abbie discuss his trip to Disney and how it relates to your wedding. Lorenzo offers up candid advice on wedding invitations and doesn't hold back. We discuss pricing as that's a big concern for couples and how they should approach it. Matt shares a story driving a limousine that didn't make it!

  • Episode 7 Micheal Greenberg Spark Wedding Events

WeddingZilla Episode 7 Indoor Sparklers and More for your Wedding

Tampa in the house! Special guest Michael Greenberg from Spark Wedding Events talks about one the hottest new wedding trends indoor sparkler fountains. Michael also gets into how to make those flower center pieces pop and some new technology on the horizon that will bring wedding lighting to a whole new level! Special shout out to Fuel Lighting and Sparkluar

  • La Hora Loca California

WeddingZilla Episode 6 La Hora Loca

Gissela from La Hora Loca California explains what La Hora Loca is. Robots, Lights, Dancers and one big Crazy Hour. Gissela explains how she got started and all the different events her and her team can. Take a listen and hear about La Hora Loca!

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