Elevate Your Wedding Celebration: The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Bar Options


Your wedding day is a joyous occasion meant to be celebrated with family and friends, and choosing the right bar service can elevate the experience for everyone. From open bars to cash bars, there are various options to consider when planning the bar service for your wedding. In this guide, we’ll explore different wedding bar options, including the concept of a cash bar and how it works with booking fees and minimum spends.

  1. Open Bar:

An open bar is a popular choice for weddings, where the hosts cover the cost of all drinks served to guests. With an open bar, guests can enjoy a wide selection of beverages without having to pay for individual drinks. While an open bar can be a generous gesture to your guests, it’s essential to consider the budget and the potential for high alcohol consumption.

  1. Hosted Bar with Consumption-Based Pricing:

Another option is a hosted bar with consumption-based pricing, where the hosts pay for a certain amount of alcohol upfront and are then charged based on the total consumption. This option allows hosts to set a budget for the bar service while still providing guests with a selection of drinks to enjoy. It’s a flexible option that allows hosts to control costs while ensuring guests have access to drinks throughout the event.

  1. Cash Bar:

A cash bar is a bar service where guests are required to pay for their drinks individually. While some couples may choose to cover a portion of the bar costs, such as a welcome drink or a limited selection of beverages, guests are generally responsible for purchasing their own drinks. A cash bar can help offset some of the costs associated with hosting a wedding, especially for couples on a tight budget.

How Cash Bar Works with Initial Booking Fee and Minimum Spend:

When opting for a cash bar at your wedding, it’s essential to clarify the terms with your chosen bar service provider. Many bar hire for weddings services require an initial booking fee to secure their services, which may cover setup costs, staffing, and other expenses. Additionally, some providers may set a minimum spend requirement, ensuring that the bar service is financially viable for them to operate.

In the case of a cash bar, the initial booking fee may go towards covering these upfront costs, while the minimum spend acts as a guarantee for the bar service provider. If the total revenue from drink sales does not meet the minimum spend requirement, the hosts may be responsible for covering the difference. However, if the minimum spend is exceeded, any additional revenue may be returned to the hosts or used to enhance other aspects of the event.


When planning the bar service for your wedding, it’s essential to consider the various options available and choose the option that best fits your budget, preferences, and guest needs. Whether you opt for an open bar, a consumption-based hosted bar, or a cash bar, working with a trusted bar service provider like Spin and Shake can help ensure a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests. Cheers to a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments!