tips for working with a rental company with Nicole Peters from Ventura Rentals
Wedding Rentals


In this Episode we have special guest Nicole Peters Sales Director from Ventura Rental Party & Events. Nicole shares tips with working with your rental company such as: When to book your rental company. What sells out first. What to budget for a rental company. Tips on selecting a rental company. Having a backup plan for those outdoor events. Popular trends in weddings right now and more. Matt and Wyatt agree this episode is packed with great tips!

Pro Tip: Having a good Wedding Planner review your rentals well in advance and help you plan your event is key. Day of Wedding Planners are just damage control.

Pro Tip: Work with your caterer on there requirements for rentals if you are having a outside wedding or rustic wedding. Some Caterers require a full kitchen and others do not.

Pro Tip: If you are having an outdoor wedding work with a rental company that can supply a tent rental in case of rain.