episode 13 tips for an outdoor wedding
Wedding Ceremony Hydration center


Episode 13 Matt and Wyatt get into Tips for an Outdoor Wedding. Matt and Wyatt share some experiences with outdoor weddings. Wyatt shares some of his tips from his companies blog. Outdoor wedding tips from rain plans to having a hydration center is critical for a successful outdoor event. You never know what mother nature has in store for your special day and being prepared makes life easier. Wyatt also makes some great recommendations besides having cake as well as footwear attire for the ladies.

Pro Tip: If you are planning an outdoor wedding and are having guests arrive early have a place for them to hang out in the shade on those hot days.

Pro Tip: Have a hydration center for your guests to hydrate. Beer, Wine, and Liquor are not hydration on those hot days. 

Pro Tip: Have a rain or weather plan. Plan for rain. Plan for extreme temperatures. 

Pro Tip: Bug Spray and Sun Tan lotion are musts for any event completely outdoors. 

Photos Courtesy of: Nicole Catherine Neill Photography