Courtney Haynes from www.OneSweetDayEvents.com explains what a “Wedding First Look” is and why you should have it. Wedding first looks are great for pictures, video and taking that edge off that stress of seeing each other. Does it take away from the first time you see each other at the ceremony? Courtney explains and shares her experience with the exact thing.  Matt and Wyatt comment on the wedding first look at share their experiences as well.

Benefits of first look gives you the opportunity to take photos before the ceremony so you can take advantage of your cocktail hour with your guests. This also helps the couple to be able to eat without being interrupted as much as they have greeted their guest during cocktails. Your makeup is fresh and you are looking your best. If you need some additional time to take photos you have it because you took photos earlier in the day. Lot’s of added benefits and you have another great moment on your your special day!

Pro Tip: Have a wedding first look to have more time to spend with your guests and take photos early while you are looking your freshest. 

*Video provided by Y-it Entertainment