Hiring Wedding Vendors to Create an Experience with Romin Zandi
Romin Zandi The WeddingZilla podcast


Special Guest Romin Zandi from Zandi Entertainment located in Northern Virginia & the Washington D.C market. Romin and Wyatt discuss hiring wedding vendors to create a wedding experience instead of just hiring for a job. Wyatt and Romin get into the difference between service and experience and how to create that for wedding couples. Wyatt and Romin recommend to wedding couples to have a conversation and not shop for wedding vendors strictly by price. Wedding couples are spending a lot of money for one of the most important days of their life and hiring vendors like a transaction may not be the best way to hire a wedding vendor. Having a conversation about your vision of your day and making sure you hire a wedding pro that shares the same vision or can help you fill in your vision can make the difference from a good wedding day to a great wedding day.

Pro Tip: Stop shopping by price. Shop by finding wedding vendors that share or contribute to your wedding experience or vision. 

Pro Tip: Price and your budget are important, but explaining your vision or the experience your trying to create will help your wedding vendor create a package just for you.