Mechanics of a Wedding Ceremony Episode 9


Matt and Wyatt discuss the mechanics of a wedding ceremony. Most couples now a days are not getting married in the traditional church which leads to having the wedding ceremony typically at the same venue as the reception. Wyatt and Matt break down what should be included in your ceremony audio system. What time you should book your audio or live music. Wyatt poses a question to wedding couples to comment on ceremony audio.

Wyatt and Matt discuss music for your wedding ceremony such as Prelude, Processional, and Recessional. Most ceremonies are three songs. You don’t have to follow tradition when choosing music. Make it represent you and your partner. Having your DJ edit the recessional song on the chorus after your announced  can make all the difference. Insuring your DJ has cover during peak sunshine or chances of rain is really important to insure equipment operates perfectly. Market umbrella or under a building eve makes all the difference. In addition to that consider your wedding guests staying cool or dry. Having refreshments on those warm days can make for a great experience.

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Pro Tip: Wedding Couples should speak normal during the ceremony. If you lower your voice the microphone may not pick up your voice. 

Pro Tip: Live music typically doesn’t provide microphones for your wedding ceremony typically. You will still need to have your DJ provide. 

Pro Tip: Book your DJ and or sound 30 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony start time. You want music playing as guests arrive plus you want to have sound check with your officiant.