Special guest Lorenzo from Screaming Lunatic Design Agency and also Sofia Plus Abbie discusses his one disappointment with Disney during a trip to Disney World. What Disney could do to make it better and how you can use the same lesson at your wedding. Lorenzo breaks down what custom really means for wedding invitations and yes there is a real difference in paper quality. Honest advice about how much to spend on wedding invitations. You can still have a awesome party without them. Matt shares a story about the Limousine that didn’t make it. We talk shop about how you should just take care of those wedding couples!  No! Lorenzo doesn’t like pineapple on his pizza.

Lorenzo operates a successful design and marketing company in New Jersey. Lorenzo designs for many of the top wedding industry professionals and also does design work for wedding couples. You may think you are just buying wedding invitations or design work, but really what you are buying is some much more. Knowledge & advice skipping the bull shit!

Pro Tip: Keep your guests Entertained. Small details go along way such as having music at your cocktail hour. 

Pro Tip: Go high or go low when selecting services. You never know what you will get in the middle. 

*Images and video are examples of Lorenzo’s design work.