Episode 7 Micheal Greenberg Spark Wedding Events


Tampa, Florida in the house! Special guest Michael Greenburg from Spark Wedding Events www.sparkweddingevents.com talks about one the hottest new wedding trends indoor sparkler fountains. These are completely safe for indoors and outdoors although depending on where you live there may be special requirements to use. There are also many different versions of these on the market and Micheal explains the importance of using approved units such as his Sparkular branded machines. These are great for introductions, exits, staged photos and more. These sparklers are a great addition to any wedding or event.

Michael also gets into how to make those flower center pieces pop using special lights from Fuel Lighting which can almost be mounted anywhere and are completely wireless. These lights take lighting design to a whole new level since you don’t need to plug them in and the batteries will last your whole event and then some. So if you are looking for textured lighting, pin spots, or if you need a chandler without having to worry about cables it’s possible.

We also discuss some new technology on the horizon that will bring wedding lighting to a whole new level which is Projected AR or Augmented Reality where a camera is used to capture the space you are projecting to and then uses a projector to project movement and light. You may have heard of cake mapping which is similar to this but, on a live level.

This may be too high tech for some couples, but for those that are looking to do different or take there wedding to the next level this is it.

If you are spending big money on floral center pieces spend the extra money and pin spot them accordingly!  


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