La Hora Loca California
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Why La Hora Loca? Looking to ad something extra special to your wedding or event? Tired of the same ole same ole? Do you want a party that your guests will never forget than La Hora Loca may be the thing you need. In this episode we have special guest Gissela from La Hora Loca California who explains what La Hora Loca is and where it originated from. Gissela explains how she got started in California. She discusses all her performers and services including: robots, dancers, lighting, CO2 guns and one big CRAZY HOUR. The special performers dance to music and entertain your guests for 45 minutes bringing your wedding or event to a new height. Service also includes dance time props and more. They can customize their performance and costumes to your wedding or event.

Bottomline your hiring entertainment. You can have as little as one performer to as many as you like based on your budget. Gissla shares examples of events her and her team have performed at including recently a Indian wedding. Gissla’s team mainly operates out of Southern California, but willing to travel. If you are not in the Southern California area, but would love to have La Hora Loca you can always google to see if someone in your local area offers it. La Hora Loca is offered in most major areas. Take a listen and hear about La Hora Loca California!

Dancer from La Hora Loca California